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End Gun Violence

Initiatives will be ongoing to end gun violence including advocating for stricter laws and bringing awareness to youth. 



Black Short Sleeve T-Shirt

This shirt was designed by Damian and Ron Romero in honor of JB.  Please click on image to order. 

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​This wristband was created for two reasons. First, it is our promise to always honor JB and keep his memory alive by allowing him to be our example. His words “Be kind and give back” will always be close to our hearts. Please remember when wearing this wristband, that you promise to be part of the solution by not contributing to the problems that plague our community.

Secondly, it is our way of contributing to the foundation created in his name. ALL proceeds are donated directly to the JB White Foundation. This is an on going effort.


Please email 

for ordering details.

West Coast Elite Basketball Event (June 2021)

Tim Davis (Utah Prospects) and Ryan Silver (West Coast Elite) will produce a game in New Mexico in June of 2021. All proceeds will benefit the JB White Be Kind and Give Back Foundation.

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