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JB was born April 25, 2002 in Dallas, TX, and moved to Santa Fe, July 2008, at the tender age of 6.


He worked very hard to accomplish his goals and dreams. Prior to the 4th grade, he played for Santa Fe Style under Coach Adolf Campos. He enjoyed it, and loved his Santa Fe Style teammates.


At the age of 10, JB started training and playing for FBA in the 4th grade, and had amazing coaches and mentors—Coach Kevin Frey and Coach Thomas Crespin. Head Coach Kevin was his trainer, and required nothing less than hard work and dedication. It was during this time JB’s basketball training accelerated, and things got really serious for him. Coach Kevin’s words after his very first practice. JB has amazing potential. He is raw and coachable. JB worked hard, made 3 times a week trips to Albuquerque to practice. He played all year round with little time off. JB’s family had the support of Roberta and Danny Martinez, Riiz and Vittoria Evans, Coach Thomas and Brandi Crespin and Ron and Donna Hodnett.


JB’s middle school years were fun for him. He attended Ortiz Middle School. He was coached by Robin White and Max Vargas. He helped the team bring home a 1st place trophy his 8th grade year.


JB played for FBA until his Freshman year in High School. After attending a West Coast Elite event in Denver, Colorado, it was then head Coach Metise of The Chauncey Billups Elite Adidas Gaultet team took notice of JB and offered him to play for the team. The very first tournament he played in, he received accolades from Matt Reynolds, a sports writer for Prep Hoops. It was then that we knew JB was going to be something big time. All the hours training with Coach Kevin Frey paid off.


In June 2018, JB attended his first Lobo Elite Camp. To his surprise, on day 2, Coach Paul Weir offered JB his first full ride D1 Scholarship. It was so unexpected and unthinkable.

JB made a decision to play for Exum Elite/Utah Prospects the following season to be able to travel to Salt Lake City and see his Uncle Noah more often. JB attended another West Coast Elite All Star Tournament, and it was then he got his second D1 scholarship offer from Coach Krystkowiak of the Utah Utes. Coach Tim Davis was very supportive of JB, and opened many doors for JB by bringing him to the attention of other D1 Schools such as the Huskies, Ducks and Aztecs.


JB played his high school season for the Santa Fe Demons. He played huge and with lots of emotion. He was a team player. He was always about passing and finding that open person. Coach Cole and staff mentored JB as well, and he had a love for his coaches and his teammates. He had full ride offers from both Hillcrest and Wasautch Academy Prep Schools to attend high school. JB’s response was, “I want to help my team get the chip. I want to stay. I promised them.” He also had amazing support from his principal Carl Marano and teachers.


JB wanted to go to the next level, and worked hard to finish high school early. He was excited to be a Lobo, and was only a week away to fulfilling his dream of being a D1 basketball player. His friends and family members were excited to see him play for the Lobos, and felt that JB was going to be in the best hands with Coach Weir, Coach Mason and the rest of the staff. JB was killed on August 1, 2020.



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